unboxing and try on haul | bec & bridge, tiger mist | triangl etc.

Hey guys,
Another try on haul for you all as it seems to be quite the favourite!!
Thoroughly enjoy making these so hopefully another one will be up not too shortly.

Plz message me on insta or email me if you would like to know details of the items I have shown

Instagram: charlottehenebery
Email: [email protected]

Mwah xx


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Watch these, they're better

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  1. wow love those tryons, imo you could get lot more footage and it would be even better, different suits were flying one after the other, > 20min videos are the best !

  2. Charlotte has the physic for the fashion shows runways, though it requires much work. Terrible production. The hairstyle needs updating. There is talent, even if she has no clue what it is. I liked the designs but imagine how good they could be if given a chance with a professional road crew to help her. Kels, I love your optimism, but the fashion world is not a nice place, and only women are tough enough to face criticism and then do something about it for the next production amplifies success. I know what I am talking about. Thank you.