Sexy Romwe Loungewear & Lingerie Tryon Haul: Satin, Sheer, Lace, & Soft

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BTS and Caitlyn Sway solo:

Hello my loves! Please enjoy my sexy Romwe loungewear & lingerie haul & review. I’m showing off a few cute & not-so-casual PJ sets that you can get on the CHEAP. These babies will be fun to photograph when the social distancing measures are lifted, but for now just this video should do.

Which loungewear coord set is your favorite?

Some news: After much consideration, I’ve decided I will be re-working my tiers on Patreon. We will resume production of SWAYMAG content and instead of releasing the entire edition at once, I will create and release each page or article at a time. This will keep us more connected and interactive throughout the month, and will hopefully prevent me from becoming overwhelmed by the idea of delivering a WHOLE magazine on a regular basis.

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The next thing you will see for SWAYMAG is the table of contents finalized for Issue #3 which will detail the upcoming topics and features, and we’ll go from there. Try on videos and art nude pictures will still be produced at the same rate (roughly 1 new video and 1 new photo set every week) in addition to what is included in the magazine.

And yes, we’ll have some new faces on here towards the end of May and early June so please stick around to be among the first to see who I have for you!

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PS – I’m a real streamer now! I played Dishonored 2 live on Twitch today, you can watch some of the recaps. In the future I plan to livestream myself making art, ASMR, and games of course. It’s a great way for us to get to know each other personally and have a little dialogue in real-time, so feel free to join in


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  1. People in this comment section are absolute fucking creeps. Ya'll getting thirsty over poorly censored boobs while there is so much pron for free lmfao
    Edit: the creator is also exposing too much like is it too hard to hide your butt and boobs as a blur or a black line

  2. hy caitlyn… a ​​wonderful video with sexy outfits..outfit one is very playful, outfit two is very seductive, outfit three would be a sexy catfight with your best girlfriend …smile smile and outfit four… you are the red devil