Pink Lingerie TRY ON Haul from DEAR LOVER


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  1. Super cute picks- def going to go checkout the website for this store tonight. Thanks for sharing babe! The hot pink set (second one in I think it was) looks amazing on you- you should 100% do a Marilyn/Dita Von Tease inspired shoot in the lace/glove number. Love it xx

    Fun fact: Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner were born the same year, however they never actually met in person. She passed in 1962 and was only ever paid $50 for the pictures that Hugh used in his first magazines release (which he bought from the photographer for $500) and it sold out nation wide. Marilyn saw no actual pay from the release as Hef already paid the $500 for the pictures so technically, he owned the rights to every cent of the profits & she even had to purchase her own copy just to see it. To make it even more strange… In 1992 Hef bought the burial plot beside her so that when he did die he would be next to her… forever. Which he now is. RIP to the very glamorous, very mysterious and very dark old Hollywood.