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Hey guys welcome back or welcome to my YouTube channel, my name is Scarlett and if you are new here please make sure to subscribe I would be so grateful.

Today I did a try on haul from Motel Rocks. I got some really different and classic pieces for this haul. I let you know about sizing and price.

Thanks for all your support.

Enjoy xxx

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  1. you are so beautiful with your sexy body and your sexy skin tone color that is so sexy on you sweetie with your cute self sweetie you are so gorgeous with your pretty eyes and your pretty smile and your pretty long hair sweetie you are so lovely with your awesome self sweetie and you are so amazing sweetie you look good in all of them that you are try on sweetie

  2. Love the black and white skirt and top set! I love the short blue skirt and black sequin top set also. The pink skirt and top set is gorgeous as well! 🙂