Micro Bikini Try On Haul! Valentine’s Day Edition!

I’ll show you How to Style Micro Bikini’s in this video! They are so tiny! Fun to wear on date night, for photoshoots, etc… BUT probably not the most appropriate for a waterpark, They are not the right material for swimming anyways! These are for fashion, not utility. I Found most of these Micro Bikini’s on Amazon, Try them on with me? I spend awhile in the beginning showing you how to style a pale pink sling shot style thong bikini bottom, before briefly transitioning into the Purple cut out bikini from “FSOetsy” – An Oregon based handmade shop. I bounce and wiggle to show you how secure it is, before sliding into a skimpy purple lined sparkly leopard print bikini, and I end the video STRONG, with my tiniest outfit yet! It was a pain in the butt to put on, coming with a safety pin-able collar, but it is adorable! I love the rabbit ears attached to the back of this frilly anime style outfit! I think the Alice In wonderland – White rabbit look is doing it for me. Just wish it was a little higher quality, as you can see the skirt doesn’t wrap all around, which is a little disappointing but overall a very cute outfit! Makes me want to attach a big cotton ball to my panties and officially turn myself into an Official Bunny! Which outfit is your favorite? I think I like the last one the most aesthetically!

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