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  1. Hi, hey yes You have a great body thanks for the Vids , My Family came here (US)from Whales . Are You from England or ? Just wondering You are a hottie for sure . Thanks. Kevin

  2. Incredible! You have clearly worked super hard to have such an amazing body.. I don't know which is more impressive your dedication or your results, but you are certainly an amazing person.

  3. Fiona, how do you keep your body so toned?, do you have a set of exercises you do? and what do you eat? To maintain your Body I appreciate a woman who cares for her Body as it shows in everything they do. Fiona do you use a Kegel Exerciser?, please answer by replying to; Major Romance, or by using my E-Mail address; [email protected]gmail.com Thank You, Sincerely Mjr. Garry Matthews B.S. Rt.

  4. Fiona, luces increíble con todos, pero el primero está de infarto. Debes dar más tiempo al modelado, pero no ocultes tu hermoso rostro, con esos bellos ojos que hipnotizan

  5. You are a complete goddess fiona! You are perfect physically, I wish I knew you mentally because from what I've seen your just as beautiful mentally. You are perfection fiona!

  6. At the risk of being a creepy old guy, I really need to say that I could listen to you talk forever and never tire of it. I have no idea how or why YouTube thought try on hauls would be my thing, but … damn. Who knew? I wish you well with body confidence and eating issues. I've been a hot mess for years.