LittleForBig Lingerie Try On Haul!

LittleForBig Lingerie Try On Haul! This video is a How To Style Little / Lolita Outfits style video, as I do my best to change my puppy paw thigh high socks AND color coordinate my silk scrunchies with each outfit! I was gifted 3 outfits (a bodysuit/ Onesie , a baby doll nightie, and a bright blue corset with bears and rainbows … and Bows!) , and 4 pairs of thigh high Fuzzy socks! MY FAVOTIRE! I have the most WONDERFUL subscribers, who like to spoil me with beautiful outfits, so I can in turn spoil them! THANK you, to my two incredibly supportive subscribers, you two made my so happy with these outfits! Such great presents! I actually show off 4 outfits, the first being a Medium sized Body Suit I ordered years back, when I first discovered this company. I ordered a medium, not knowing that these bodysuits were designed so the individual could wear adult diapers / Bloomers under the bodysuit. This company is different than most, so OVERALL measurements are much different for these body suits than other ones you might find shopping online. I am 5’9″ tall, with a 26″ waist and 38″ hips, and found that the size Small in both the body suit and Baby Doll to be the BEST possible fit. My only complaint with the small Dva Onesie is that It doesn’t hug my waist as tight as I want, because my torso is slightly too long. It is cozy, but not as Body tight as I would IDEALLY want. Overall 9/10. The corset is an XS, I was hoping it would take an inch or two off of my waist when tightening it, but the coverall construction is not stable enough for that. This is strictly a fun FASHION corset, not a waist training / waist shaping corset. Over tightening causes the corset to buckle.

All outfits can be found at “Littleforbig” Online / On Amazon!

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