just two besties trying on Valentine’s Day outfits (Fashionnova)

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  1. The hypnotic subliminal programming is strong in this video. NLP and visual cues all the way through it. Anyone who has studied mind control techniques knows what I'm talking about.

  2. Forgive me Ladies for the delay in my responding calmment (sic). Your presentation and side order of ya I'lls au' natural Sexxiness and how appealing it truly is !! I'm tappin' in do please do keep it all up..let me know when y'all gon' pick me up so I can be ready ( just playing.)

  3. Ok, let’s get real here for a moment – fair to say few would disagree these two lovely ladies are smokin hot. But F*k me, they’re more boring than watching paint dry in the rain!!! I soooo wish I could subscribe but I can’t risk them boring me into a coma…

  4. I love the little 1 little 1 is sweet sexy and delicious is she with anybody does she have a man yes or no please comment back thank you for this video she is sweet looking