IG MODELS CUTE CROP TOP TRY ON HAUL | Shein & Romwe | Light & Sheer Summer Tops Lookbook


FINALLY! A new try on with the girls : ) It was a HOT day in Malibu but we hiked to this beautiful clearing to make this cute crop top try on haul just for you! Let us demonstrate 3 NEW SHEER & SEMI-SHEER CROP TOPS from fast fashion Romwe and Shein. We try on different fashion sets and give our honest opinions of each. These sexy sheer crop tops are as light and comfortable as you can get in the blazing hot California sun.

I so love organizing these outings and the privilege of creating AND documenting all these memories with my friends. HUGE thanks to my fabulous Patrons and OF subscribers (many of whom came from Youtube!) because I get to go on adventures and play dress up with my friends for a living!!! 2020 really is wild as fuck but I’m trying to just ENJOY THE RIDE. That’s all any of us really can do!

To see more from these gorgeous goofy girls, give us a follow on IG and Onlyfans. Or, stick around here for more of this (we have a lingerie haul from this same day coming soon.) From left to right:


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PS – Huge thanks to our photographer friend LINUS for helping out on this shoot!! You should check out more of his work with us and other models on IG

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  1. That is a fine option for when it's hot outside. Is it fair men can just take their shirt off, not totally. So, what if you wear mesh (7:30) and layer that with an unbuttoned blouse – nobody could say a thing, you'd stay cool etc