HUGE Lounge underwear try on haul! (New Hair)

Lounge underwear try on haul! Also I got new hair!! Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what set was your favourite and which hair colour you like best!!
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  1. You are looking gorgeous and very Beautiful sexy cute garl. Also you are my Dream garl. I like you and I love you so much baby. I want to need you. Will you be my wife?

  2. Just recently rediscovered Janelle's channel after trying it out a while back. She's significantly stepped up her game in her two most recent hauls; one for underwear, one for swimsuits. The pros: camera angles and lighting are a significant improvement over prior videos. New hair is good, but she looked great with the blonde as well. A lot of revealing front action with good eye contact throughout. One con from this video is that there aren't any lingering back shots like in the bikini haul, though this may be attributed to the YouTube denizens. Interested to see what she does in the future, will subscribe to see: 8/10.

  3. ❤ You are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face every morning. You are never off my mind; You are in my dreams, and even then, you are still perfect in every way.

  4. Janella my love Time is not enough when I am with you. It does not pass without you, my dear. I am in Istanbul, I have landed on this spaceship called the world, I have landed from Istanbul, it is a great happiness to be a part of the most beautiful family of the universe, human beings. I believe in love, which is our most sacred and greatest common treasure on earth.

  5. Dziewczyny nie róbcie takich sesji !!! To prowadzi Was do filmów porno wcześniej czy później. Widać, że mieszkanie jest wynajęte pod pokaz, z czego dziewczyno nie będziesz miała kokosów, chyba że zaczynasz i godzisz się wyzysk seksualno-materialny!!! Powodzenia!?

  6. Janelle, you are really very Pretty, Lovely eyes & voice! Just a wise Old-timer's advise: you are loosing viewers by hiding 'your bumm' as you term it. Why not be ❤️ beaming proud of yourself entirely? That portrays confidence.