Hot girl summer bikini try-on haul ✨

Hi, in this video I’ll be trying on bikinis from some of my favorite brands. There are some favs and some new ones as well! Like this video if you want a part 2 💕

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Bamba Swim

Frankies bikinis
No longer available

Crochet top
Crochet bottom
Daisy top
Beige top
Beige bottom

VDM the label
Lilac top
Lilac bottom
Tie dye set no longer available

Fashion Nova
Red bikini set
Beige bikini set, sold out but here’s something similar

Brown bikini set, no longer available

Tiger mist
Tie dye top
Tie dye bottom
Blue top sold out
Blue bottom

Heart of sun swim
Pink top
Pink bottom
Tie dye top
Tie dye bottom
Blue top
Blur bottom

Green bodysuit
Brown bodysuit


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  1. Link một số sản phẩm cho bạn nào cần nhaa:

    1, Sweater lưng in hình caro (165k):

    2, Tai nghe (38k):

    3, Đồng hồ (29k):

    4, Airpot (259k):

    6, Sandal (169k):

    7, Giày (199k):

    8, Giày caro tím (199k):

    9, Giày Air force 1 rep 11 (405k):

    10, Mũ tai gấu (89k):

    11, Mũ bảo hiểm (150k):

    12, Quần jeans ống suông (179k):

    13, Quần jeans đen (149k):

    14, Quần jeans xanh nhạt (129k):

    15, Balo (219k):

    16, Balo đen (199k):

    17, Túi đeo chéo dáng thuyền (60k):