DollsKill Try on Haul #2

Hey babes! Got a new haul from DK! All items I got will all be linked below as well as the size I got so you have a reference if want to buy 💖 Let me know what you think of the picks!

Pink ClubExx XS –

Green ClubExx XS –

Thot Pants XS –

Futuristic dress XS –

Glacier dress XS –

Snow boots S7 –

Green boots S7 –

If you are a brand/company and want me to review your product, Please send me an email at [email protected]

Krystal Ann


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  1. Sad to say i think to day is the day i stop watching ur try on hauls as you have changed and conformed to using pasties instead of wearing the outfits as they were designed. Ill still continue to support and watch your other videos like the makeup/shoes/glasses but i cant stand to keep watching people conforming to hiding what is natural. Best of wishes and much love but this vid gets a down vote from me.